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Our founding partners, Jeremy Kerner and Chris Thomas have a long and successful history of producing the best possible results through the use of information technology in the professional sports industry.

Jeremy was the creator of the award winning ‘Arsenal.com’ website which was launched in 1997 while Chris was an integral member of the team that saw the EURO96 championship become the world’s first internet savvy football tournament.

Over the last fifteen years, both Chris and Jeremy have worked within the technology and marketing arenas of the sports industry and in January of 2008 came together to combine their talents and create Sports Fusion.

With an obsessive attention to detail that is shared by the entire team, we conceive and develop tailored solutions that address the specific and individual needs of each of our clients. Our aim is to help our clients enhance the customer experience they offer always with an eye on improving efficiency and raising revenues.

Our unique blend of technical knowledge, creativity and sports business expertise is applied to delivering applications and solutions to sports organisations, events and venues. At Sports Fusion, we develop personal relationships with our clients to ensure that we understand their needs and vision.

This human aspect of our approach is not an optional extra or just website blurb – it is the essential foundation to everything we do – it is what ensures that we never lose touch with the fact that all systems are ultimately there to serve people.

Our Team


Chris Thomas


Jeremy Kerner

Director of Product Development

Rob Spalton

Managing Director

Molly Haskins

Director of Operations

Heads of Department

Vladimir Popelygin

Head of Development and Infrastructure


Justin Draper

Support Desk Manager

Nathan Moody

Senior Support Developer

Ben Robertson

Support Developer

Steven Williams

Junior Support Developer

Flynn Self

Support Desk Advisor

Steven Harding

Contact Centre Agent

Jessica Norton

Contact Centre Agent


Paul Stanfield

Head of Product Design

Stephen Hutchinson

Product Designer


Dmitry Svyatobatsko

Dzmitry Yurtsevich

Igor Borski

Viktor Surmach

Ivan Markin

Mikhail Lysenka

Sergey Sherby

Victor Kareisha

Our latest Project

Space 360

Space 360

Space360 is a beautiful new Software as a Service (SaaS) platform serving sports, music, nightclubs and multi-purpose venues. The platform enables any venue of any type/size/complexity to configure and customise their spaces for different events ensuring they can optimise revenues as well as provide the best possible customer experience.
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