Maximizing Control, Branding, and Data Ownership in Ticket Sales for Intimate Gatherings and Venues



Your venue or event are special and important. But your attendance will not be 60,000. More like 600 or 5,000.

You don’t have the money or the patience or the expertise or the personnel with which to sign up to a major ticketing platform.

But you also don’t want to make sacrifices in two places that are fundamental to your identity and your bottom line:

i) you want your customers to buy their tickets entirely within your own digital ecosystem – you don’t want to send them off to a different website with a different URL and a different look and feel.

ii) you want to own their data – why would you want to work so hard to attract them only to send them somewhere else AND not actually know who they are?


The way that venues manage, sell and distribute tickets is almost unrecognisable from the way tickets were sold even five years ago. The pandemic accelerated the adoption of mobile ticketing and brought about experimentation in a number of new ways of selling tickets and hospitality packages, generally enhancing the experience for consumers and improving efficiencies/unlocking new revenue streams for venues.

The pandemic created a once in lifetime opportunity for smart people who understood events, ticketing and technology to take a step back and re-imagine the whole process instead of just tweaking it incrementally.

As result, those sacrifices are no longer necessary.

It is now entirely possible to have a ticketing system that can be tailored to your venue and built into your own digital journey. You fully control how your tickets are sold, you receive the ticket revenue directly and the customers belong to you, as they should.


Questions to ask your ticketing provider:

1. Can the system be designed in accordance with my brand?
2. Who owns the customer data?
3. Will I receive the ticket revenue directly into my bank account, with no delay?
4. Do I need any specific or specialist hardware in order to admit customers into my venue?
5. Can I sell memberships as well as tickets?
6. Can I get branded sales and customer reports in the format I want?
7. Can I give my hirers and/or event organisers a separate login so they can check their sales?
8. How quickly can you my system up and running?
9. How do you charge?